What advantages does Slick Diapers have over the regular diaper?

  1. Easy to use – you can change diaper with one hand
  2. Minimize leaks – the design eliminates the need to align the diaper bottom for best coverage and helps minimize leaks
  3. Environment friendly – This patent pending design cuts the environmental waste from diapers to half
  4. No compliance from baby – your baby can be laying, standing, running, playing or even sleeping and you can discreetly change their diaper
  5. This design can be very useful in other areas such as adult diapers and animal diapers

Is there a patent on this design?

Yes. Currently there is a patent pending on this design.

Is this product already in the market?

No, You would need to pre-order this product. We are working with the industry’s best to manufacture these diapers, however we need a minimum order to be able to cut costs and make them more viable.

How long will delivery take?

It will take a couple months as we would need to manufacture and ship the order. We will keep you posted on your order once placed.

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